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The fourth MicroQC meeting was held via Zoom on Feb 6, 2021. The groups reviewed their progress and explained the difficulties and the delays due to Covid. The first period (18M) was affected only slightly by the pandemic toward its end. The second period (18M) was affected very severely. At best, the groups operated at 50% of normal, and for some periods they were completely closed. This meant that for the 18 months in the second period we had done / would do only about 50% (or even less) of our planned work, i.e. as if the period was 9 months long. Therefore, we concluded that we needed another 9 months to achieve all milestones and deliverables, which was granted in the summer of 2021. In addition to this, we had to reschedule the pending milestones and deliverables accordingly. The participants were:
  • Alex Retzker (HUJI Israel)

  • Boyan Torosov (TCPA Bulgaria)

  • Christian Ospelkaus (LUH Germany)

  • Christof Wunderlich (USIEGEN Germany)

  • Ivan Boldin (USIEGEN Germany)

  • Nikolay V. Vitanov (TCPA Bulgaria)

  • Seb Weidt (UOS UK)

  • Winfried Hensinger (UOS UK)

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