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The first MicroQC meeting took place on November 23, 2018 in Tel Aviv. It followed the Fifth European Conference on Trapped Ions (ECTI 5), which was co-organized by Alex Retzker (PI of HUJI), in which all groups in MicroQC participated and had presentations and posters. The meeting in Tel Aviv was attended by researchers from all partner groups. All groups had presentations of the current status of their research and planned work within this project. Various possibilities and necessities for joint work were identified and planned. The participants were:
  • Alex Retzker (HUJI Israel)
  • Amit Rotem (HUJI Israel)
  • Boyan Torosov (TCPA Bulgaria)
  • Christian Ospelkaus (LUH Germany)
  • Christof Wunderlich (USIEGEN Germany)
  • Lachezar Simeonov (TCPA Bulgaria)
  • Nikolay V. Vitanov (TCPA Bulgaria)
  • Peter Ivanov (TCPA Bulgaria)
  • Seb Weidt (UOS UK)
  • Svetoslav Ivanov (TCPA Bulgaria)
  • Winfried Hensinger (UOS UK)
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