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The third MicroQC meeting was planned to be held on March 18, 2020 in Bansko, Bulgaria within the 16th Conference on Control of Atoms, Molecules and Ensembles by Light (CAMEL16), organized by TCPA. Representative from all partner groups in MicroQC registered for participation. State of emergency and lockdown was declared in Bulgaria a few days before the conference (March 13) due to COVID-19, which resulted in the last-minute cancellation of both CAMEL16 and the MicroQC meeting.

An online MicroQC meeting was held via Zoom on March 25, 2020. All groups were present. The partners reviewed their progress toward the fulfillment of the deliverables and the milestones for the first reporting period and discussed the preparation of the first report. The participants were:

  • Alex Retzker (HUJI Israel)

  • Amado Bautista-Salvador (LUH Germany)

  • Amit Rotem (HUJI Israel)

  • Boyan Torosov (TCPA Bulgaria)

  • Christian Ospelkaus (LUH Germany)

  • Christof Wunderlich (USIEGEN Germany)

  • Ivan Boldin (USIEGEN Germany)

  • Nikolay V. Vitanov (TCPA Bulgaria)

  • Seb Weidt (UOS UK)

  • Svetoslav Ivanov (TCPA Bulgaria)

  • Winfried Hensinger (UOS UK)

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